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The Migration, Spaces and Societies (MIGRARE) Research Unit belongs to the Centre of Geographical Studies (CEG) at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon (CEG-MIGRARE). The creation of the research unit MIGRARE is the formalization of a group that since 1998 has developed projects, has organized meetings, courses and other activities of research and action in the area of migration, urban governance and social transformations in Europe, with particular emphasis on the Portuguese case.

CEG's research programme objectives are based upon theoretical development and applied research on migration, land management (particularly in urban areas), and contributing to the establishment and development of a framework to aid decision-making that will ultimately lead to the creation of socially-sustainable environments. The research programme has not adopted from the outset any particular theoretical perspective, but rather tries to incorporate contributions from different theoretical and methodological perspectives.

The main goal of the research programme of this unit is to promote scientific investigation (theoric and applied) in the area of migration, demographic aging and their effect on processes of demographic and socio-spatial transformation and distinct geographical scales.

Other goals are to promote research from an inter-disciplinary and comparative approach (between countries, regions, cities and groups of immigrants) in order to endorse the development of inter-cultural relations, diversity planning, and new forms of urban governance that contribute to the socio-territorial inclusion of immigrants; and also to develop migration policies which promote the development of origin and destination regions of immigrants.
Finally we also intend to disseminate knowledge in the scientific domains pertaining to MIGRARE through research projects, scientific and technical publications, and the organisation of international and national events.

The researchers of the MIGRARE research unit distribute their activities among various domains, namely the following:

1. Immigration and processes of urban transformation (spatial, demographic, economic, social and cultural).

2. Comparative analysis of national and municipal policies and initiatives in the field of migration and integration, mainly in the domain of housing and socio-ethnic segregation in residential areas, the transformation and appropriation of public space and the education and health of immigrants and their descendents.

3. Processes of socio-spatial mobility: comparative analysis of diverse groups of immigrants; intra-group disparities associated with different types of factors (generation, stage in the life-cycle, education, urban/rural dwellers).

4. Immigration and inter-ethnic conflicts.

5. International migration and the organization of labour markets.

6. Migration and regional development in the countries of origin and destination of migrants.

7. Immigration and demographic dynamics in Europe.

8. Studies monitoring and evaluating immigration and social inclusion policy.

9. Diasporas and transnational communities


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